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  • ViVOtech VivoPay 4000

    ViVOtech VivoPay 000 Increase your speed of service and improve customer satisfaction with the contactless Tap and Go ViVOpay 4000 device.

    Sharp understands that, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, delivering outstanding customer satisfaction is one of your primary goals. We are continuously researching innovative solutions to help you increase speed of service and improve customer satisfaction. ViVOpay 4000, partnered with the Sharp UP-700 POS terminal, is a contactless payment solution that can help address these concerns.

    Incorporating new payment technologies is one of the trends in improving customer satisfaction. Specific new technologies, including RF (Radio Frequency)-based contactless payments using credit cards, key fobs or cell phones, add value to the payment transaction because they are easy to use and increase speed of service.

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