Mail / Phone Payments

Merchant Pro can easily help you create a merchant account for your mail and telephone orders. These cardless transactions in which merchants never take physical possession of their customer's credit card, require a special merchant account. Inability to see or swipe the card physically may increase the risk factor and often processing companies charge much higher fees from the merchants by taking advantage of the risk factor. That is why it becomes very important to partner with a trusted company that processes the payments in one of the most economical and efficient ways. Merchant Pro values this trust of merchants and endeavors to offer some of the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry. The company provides the merchants with the requisite information and resources they need to assist with transactions to be quick, easy, secure and possibly at the lowest rate.

Merchant pro is an industry leader in merchant phone payment solutions and merchant mail payment solutions because our team of experts structure plans based on your exact needs. We have free terminals with which you manually enter credit card numbers, or we can supply you with easy-to-use software for your own PC. (An Internet connection is required.) Either way you go, you can rest assured that Merchant Pro provides your business with a safe and secure merchant mail payment and merchant phone payment solution, backed by superior service and dedicated support. Committed to offer all of these at some of the lowest rate.

Merchant pro believes in helping American business prosper and we would be proud to partner with you to take your profits to the next level!

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Perfect for florists, catering companies, take-out restaurants, catalogue sales and direct marketers..

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By providing free equipment, industry-leading service and support, and some of the lowest processing rates, our clients grow by having more money to spend on their business.