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    Magtek MICRImage By converting checks to secure electronic documents you can start accepting checks like credit cards with the Magtek MICRImager.

    The MICRImage Check Reader is both a MICR Reader (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) and a check-imaging device. The MICRImage reads the MICR character set at the bottom of a check, and the Imager produces a digitized image of the entire check. The characters and the image can be transmitted to a host device. The host device then uses a specific authorization or verification process to validate a business transaction.

    The MICRImage Reader improves accuracy and speed because there is no manual data entry; therefore there are no keying errors or unwanted delays.

    Both the MICR Reader and the Imaging device will communicate with the host system using a standard RS-232 interface (contact the factory for other interfaces). MICR data is transmitted as ASCII characters (See Appendix B). The MICRImage Reader has the capability of supporting some hardware handshaking signals.

    An optional three-track MSR auto discriminates different card formats: ISO (International Standards Organization), CDL (California Drivers License), or AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators). Learn More.

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