Loyalty Programs

Every business knows that keeping a current customer is less expensive than trying to obtain a new one. With Merchant Pro’s custom loyalty programs we make it easier than ever to reward your current customers – and keep them coming back. These loyalty programs are no longer just for the big boys. With Merchant Pro, businesses of all sizes can increase their revenue with one of our customized merchant account loyalty programs.

Merchant Pro makes starting a loyalty program easy – we’ll tailor it to your exact business profile. And best of all, we handle the tracking and accounting of these powerful money-making programs.

Plus, all of our merchant account loyalty programs are backed by superior service and dedicated support. Which is what you expect from an industry leader.

Get ready to turn casual customers into regular customers with a Merchant Pro loyalty program.

  • Attract new customers
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Increase purchase expenditures
  • Capture customer purchase data

We believe in helping American business prosper and we would be proud to partner with you to take your profits to the next level!

Keep them coming back!

Loyalty cards increase customer retention through top-of-mind awareness and discounts. More customer visits equal more profits for you.

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By providing industry-leading service and support, and endeavoring to locate the lowest processing rates. We help our clients grow by having more money to spend on their business.