Petroleum / Convenience Store Merchant Services

Merchant Pro is all focused to provide some of the lowest rate for petroleum / convenience store merchant services. And that’s just the beginning! Partner with Merchant Pro and you’ll be able to access payment processing programs custom designed for the petroleum / convenience industry. Fast, safe and easy solutions like accepting small ticket items at some of the lowest rate, and accepting fleet cards - a great way to pump more money into your business.

Let Merchant Pro accelerate sales with high-octane processing solutions like Tap’n Go acceptance, point-of-sale technology, loyalty programs and "No Signature Required" capability. If you have a petroleum / convenience merchant account, Merchant Pro offers the latest equipment designed to interface smoothly with your local networks.

As an industry leader in petroleum / convenience store merchant services we offer around-the-clock technical support for our credit card processing technologies, as well as superior customer service.

From pump, to convenience store, to garage, Merchant Pro recognizes and applauds the entrepreneurial spirit of those who serve the traveler, and we’re here to help you on the road to success!

Partner with Merchant Pro today and you’ll be able to seamlessly:

  • Accept Fleet cards, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and checks*
  • Process customers quickly and efficiently
  • Issue customer credits instantly
  • Void transactions safely and thoroughly
  • View transactions online

Are your payment solutions running on empty? If so, turn to the petroleum payments experts at Merchant Pro today.

Expand Your Customer Base

If you’re not accepting Fleet Cards, you’re behind the competition. Open yourself up to one of the most profitable markets out there with the Merchant Pro Fleet Card Acceptance Program. Click here to learn more

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By providing industry-leading service and support, and endeavoring to locate the lowest processing rates. We help our clients grow by having more money to spend on their business.