Check Acceptance

Even in this wireless and digital age, there are many consumers who prefer to use paper checks as their primary method of payment. Now, with Merchant Pro’s check acceptance solutions you can easily accept your customers’ preferred payment method and reduce deposit time. Plus, Merchant Pro’s check acceptance solution eliminates non-sufficient funds surprises.

Merchant Pro will set you up to accept checks like credit cards with equipment that quickly and conveniently converts checks into secure electronic documents. Not only does it make for easier record keeping, but you’re also guaranteed payment... and that makes checks as good as gold.

Now, there’s no need to turn away a paying customer! Add checks to your payment acceptance offerings and you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether you accept check payments, credit card payments or any other form of non-cash payment, Merchant Pro has the merchant account payment solutions you need to succeed. That’s because Merchant Pro has the experience and expertise, backed by superior service and dedicated support to help American businesses prosper.

Check Acceptance

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